ADSC4230(L) /6230(L) - Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Horse

COURSE ID: ADSC 4230(L) or 6230(L)


This course focuses on teaching fundamental and advance principles of equine anatomy and biomechanics including the skeletar and muscular components of movement. The class is designed as an in-depth study and analysis of these principles in relation to conformation, lameness, and gait quality for different disciplines. Students will also learn how conformation affects performance and soundness. This class allows students to correlate form to function and be introduced to topics on horse performance, soundness, and veterinary medicine topics related to lameness.

SEMESTER OFFERED: Offered fall semester every year.


ADSC 3630 (Horse Production) or clearance based on previous equine experience is required before taking this course.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kylee Jo Duberstein

Kylee Jo Duberstein Associate Professor
Animal & Dairy Science