Equine Extension Publications
Evaluating Horse Conformation
(B 1400)
When examining horses for conformation, either when considering a purchase or competing in horse judging contests, it is important to break things down into key principles to avoid becoming overwhelmed when putting the overall picture together. There are five main criteria to evaluate when examining a horse's conformation: balance, structural correctness, way of going, muscling, and breed/sex character (also known as type). This publication describes each of these criteria in detail.
How to Feed a Horse: Understanding the Basic Principles of Horse Nutrition
(B 1355)
With so many feed, supplement and hay choices available, many people find themselves wondering exactly what their horse needs for good health and nutrition. Many horse-feeding opinions and myths make deciding what to feed even more difficult. This publication explains your horse's nutritional needs, common guidelines to observe when feeding your horse and how to determine if your horse's nutritional requirements are being met.
Common Terms Used in Animal Feeding and Nutrition
(B 1367)
The purpose of this publication is to serve as an educational reference and resource to those who are interested in animal feeding and nutrition. Our primary objective is to list the common terms used when discussing animal feeding. This listing will also be helpful when reading articles on animal feeding and nutrition, feed analysis reports or tags associated with feeds sold in the market.


Equine Research Publications

Read more about the research projects being conducted through our program from their published findings:

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